MAHTI SEVA SAMITI, a registered NGO, MAH/9359/2008/DLE, is a “MAHA ADHIKAR SANRAKSHAN SAMITI”, (MASS) is a Non Political Organization, constituted to ensure the Rights, under the Constitution, to all citizens of India and to provide legal assistance, awareness to the under privileged citizens of India with a special focus on women, children, labour force, disabled and weaker section of the society. This committee, under the guidance of Mr. Suresh Nanappa Menchirel, M S W, LL.B, the founder President ensures access of information for all without discrimination of cast, color, creed, sex, and region, and religion, social economic and physical disability. This committee is not affiliated with any political parties and working all over India voluntarily against corruption, atrocities, irregularities, illegalities and misuse of government fund, post &power. The committee is dedicated to aware the people about their Right to Information, Right to Education, Human Rights, Consumer Protection and firmly believes in making corruption free India a reality.