Message from President of MASS INDIA

We, the citizens of India are the masters of this country. The Government and the public servants exist to serve us. We all pay taxes, even a beggar buys anything like a bread or match box, pays tax in the form of sales tax or excise duty. This money belongs to us and it does not belong to any politician or bureaucrat, it belongs to us. But unfortunately, these masters have to beg for their rights from the elected representatives? Why so? We are forgetting our most important duty as the master of our country to take accounts from their servants from time to time.

We have every right to question Governments and the Governments are legally bound to provide us information under the Right to Information Act. Here I sincerely thank Aruna Roy, Leader of Mazdoor Kisan Shakthi Sanghatan and Anna Hazare, N.G. O’s and associations who in fought for the Right to Information Act.

It is amply proved that corruption is institutionalized in all arenas in our country. Most of our politicians are in the habit of making high promises before elections. But after attaining power they are amassing huge wealth through corrupt means and in the name of party fund only to face future election and also making favors to their vested interest.

On paper so much money is theoretically spent on our welfare, but where does all this money go? Why our intelligence system a failure in predicting terrorist attacks? Why the majority of police in our country en route towards corruption and still following the ‘British India Police’ or third-degree practice especially towards poor? Why are the people dying of starvation? Why infants die? Why farmers committing suicide? Why our elected representatives are so arrogant? Why the roads in our country in such a pathetic condition? Almost 70% of the food meant to be distributed to poor people under PDS is being siphoned off? Why the rich becoming more rich and poor always poor? More than thirty crores of our population still lives under below poverty line! Why minorities and Dalit’s are not getting proper protection from the State? We always blame the Government! In fact it is so happening due to our negligence on the performance of our duty as an alert, responsible citizen?

Now at least make it as our turn and be alert as the Master of this Country to check these accounts under the Right to Information Act, Citizen Charter Act and above all use our Constitutional Rights and move to Hon’ble High Court and Supreme Court to correct our system.

Everyone has consumer rights and you have the right to know what you will receive before you pay for a product or service. Complain against misleading advertisements on consumer products or services. Obtain what you pay for and complain when you are not satisfied and get your money back. If you signed a contract for taking bank loan, Club membership, hire purchase or any other contract, read it carefully and ask the company for explanations of anything you don’t understand. It is our Right to know the quality, quantity, purity and standard price of the goods or services provided so as to protect the consumer a fair trade practice. The people should keep the original bill /Guarantee/Instructions and other papers of the goods/service obtained. When you are not satisfied with the product/service obtained, complain as soon as possible to consumer forum and other legal forums.

Now we have a right to question Governments and the Governments are legally bound to provide us information. The Indian Parliament enacted the Right to Information Act, which empowers the citizens to question Governments, inspect their files, take notes, take copies of Government documents, and file noting and also to inspect Government works. I request all the people to study the RTI Act in your convenient language and use it as a weapon to fight against corruption.

I take this opportunity to introduce MASS INDIA/MAHITI SEVA SAMITI is an intrepid, fearless, impartial, neutral, independent, Non Political Non Governmental Organization registered under the Public Trust Act, pens against Crime, Corruption, Atrocity, inhuman activities, Anti nationalism with the strength of RTI Act, Citizen Charter, Court and Media which definitely will bring improvements, creates awareness in the mind of governed and governing.

I request the people with high reputation, social activists, retired bureaucrats, advocates, doctors, intellectuals and people of high esteem to join this committee without any hidden agendas to suggest, advice, participate to fight against corruption and other bad elements of the country. “LET THE NOBLE THOUGHTS COME TO US FROM EVERY SIDE” (Rigveda-1-89-1) “AND YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE”- (Jhon8:32-Bible). Jai Hind.
Adv.S.N.Menchirel,,MSW,LL.M Founder and President, MASS