Reg no. Mah 9359/Dhule


India is a democracy and people are the masters of this country. Therefore the masters have every right to know-how the government meant to serve them, are functioning. Every citizen pays taxes in the form of Income tax, sales tax and excise duty. The citizens then have a right to know-how their money was being spent. MAHTI SEVA SAMITI (MASS) is a citizen’s initiative dedicated to promotion and effective but responsible use of information.


MASS is constituted to ensure the rights of the people , under the Constitution to all citizens of India, and provide legal assistance, information and awareness to under privileged citizens of India with a special focus on women, children, old aged, labor force, disabled and weaker section of the society.

MASS is a Non Political Organization, ensures access of information and awareness for all without cast, color, creed, sex, religion, social economic discrimination and physical disability.

MASS is dedicated to Right to Information, Right to Education , Human Rights, Consumer Protection and for Eradication of Corruption.